"The idea of doing a muscle-up made my heart pound

“The idea of doing a muscle-up made my heart pound

Literally. I could be driving down the road and thinking about it and I would get nervous.

“When I first learned a pull-up I focused on strict mechanics — from negatives to assisted pull-ups. Once I could do several, it made it so much easier to kip. It was the same for dips, I focused on one at a time strict. So then I switched to doing the same for the muscle up — getting down the strict mechanics first.

“While I know this one isn’t a perfect strict (some hip movement!) I went into it with strict in mind. Now after drilling that, I can suddenly kip one. For me, having the strength first and being safe seemed most important. Once I got the movement down, kipping a muscle-up seemed to follow more naturally!”

— Coren G. @corengerling, on earning her very first muscle-up earlier this month.

What can we say? What an accomplishment. What an inspiration. We couldn’t be prouder, Coren. Way to go! #HumansOfCFDC