Hey Everyone!

Hey Everyone!

Join CFDC and Composition ID to talk Nutrition in preparation for our 6-week nutrition challenge. Both seminars will cover the same material so no need to come to both.
session 1 – 12/2 at 4PM at H St
session 2 – 12/3 at 4PM at U St
6-week nutrition challenge (details below) – begins 12/4!

Core of seminars:
1. Importance of macro and micronutrients and what role they play in athletes diet.
2. What commercial diets bring most results for CrossFitters and how to find your own balance among each without feeling deprived and to be able to sustain the progress for a lifetime.
3. Changes your body will experience throughout the challenge and what role Composition ID plays here

Comp ID Nutritionist, Daira will prepare a small recipe book as a handout for the challenge with outlined weekly meal plan.
There will be a weekly newsletter that will be sent out by CrossFit DC to participants of the 6-week nutrition challenge. The member that demonstrates the biggest change in body composition through 2 Dexa scans (scans that show body composition), will get a sweet prize pack from CFDC! The fee to participate is $129. This goes to Comp ID to cover the scans. to get registered, visit link #1 below. Want to know more about the DEXA machine? Visit the Comp ID website below, link #2. As always, email info@crossfitdc.com with questions!

#1 https://app.acuityscheduling.com/catalog.php?owner=11932521&action=addCart&clear=1&id=374435

#2 https://www.compositionid.com/services/dexa-scan/

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